mash handmade at home: fall sweater update

mash handmade at home: fall sweater update

now that the temperatures are officially cooler, i’ve been going through the closets pulling out seasonally appropriate gear for myself and my little guy. we have quite the collection of sweaters for him, most of them being vintage or handmade finds, you know, the really special ones you want to hang onto forever. his grandma brought a little handknit button down back from milwaukee for him, and while it is certainly so darling and clearly made with a lot of love, it was just missing something. enter one of my favorite items at mash handmade: our button up! vintage buttons. one naptime’s worth of stitching, and this little fella is ready for fall!


this one was really quite simple: i picked my favorite buttons, laid them out in the order i thought looked nice, and cut off an old button (carefully, then into the button jar it went for a future project) and then stitched on a new one. (i did this one by one, as it was difficult to keep track of where the buttons were originally sewn on over the chunky knit.)

don’t know how to sew a button? here’s a handy dandy guide, it’s really a great, simple skill to have in your toolbox. i should point out i used a contrasting thread on this particular sweater (orange) to punch up the quirk factor. it’s all in the details, friends.

and because i couldn’t quit there, i did a little stitching around the button holes (again, in orange), because they were so darn hard to find! speed is everything in dressing a toddler, so this has helped out a ton. i followed martha stewart’s guide to mending a button hole, something i bookmarked years ago. hers came out a little neater, but hey, she’s martha.

now while he’s out collecting leaves, i’ll be hunting down other articles of clothing to replace buttons on!

(note: because they are all different sizes and quantities, our vintage buttons aren’t currently available online. if you’d like to see our stash and aren’t in kansas city, send us a note at info (at) mashhandmade (dot) com and we’ll see what we can work out!)