mash handmade at home: notebook paper embroidery kit

mash handmade at home: notebook paper embroidery kit

about 20 years ago, mama mash received the sweetest gift from her cousin, a pillow with a poem hand embroidered on it. on the lookout for something special to gift the same cousin with recently, she thought she’d return the favor. picking up one of mash’s notebook paper embroidery kits ($14), she set out to copy the same poem onto the fabric “notebook paper”, stitch it, and gift it.

here’s a little how-to, should you find yourself looking for a bit of inspiration for your own stitched letter:

on the left, the original pillow gifted to mama mash many moons ago. on the right, the notebook paper embroidery kit, which includes one piece of fabric “notebook paper”, a skein of embroidery floss, and a needle. (all you need to provide is scissors and an embroidery hoop).

next, she copied the fabric “paper” so that she would have a guide for her poem, then wrote it out on her xeroxed paper. (wait, do we still xerox things? copy things? scan and print? oh, you get it, right?) my favorite thing about this is that the finished product is in her own handwriting. she then taped the paper with the poem to a window, laid the fabric over it to match up all the lines, and copied the poem, in pencil, onto the fabric.

all that was left to do was sew sew sew. she used her handy dandy embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taught, then stiched out her poem, letter by letter.

ta-da! the finished product. now if that isn’t a love letter! tell us, have you stitched a letter yet? do you plan to? how’d it go?