mash handmade at home: pretty hangy thing tutorial

mash handmade at home: pretty hangy thing tutorial

here in the dog days of summer, we are spending as much time as possible out on our decks, soaking up every ounce of these perfect summer nights. mama mash has been updating things around her yard, and after a handful of seasons (and some naughty little squirrels), her pretty hangy thing was ready for a facelift. grabbing some snippers, a couple fab fobs by our friends at make atx, a can of spray paint, and a bit of fishing line, she set out freshen things up.


first, she took apart the sad, weathered, lonely hangy thing. she cleaned it with a bit of steel wool, then gave it a little boost with orange spray paint, wheeee!

next, she lined up the doo-dads and bits and bobs the way she wanted them to hang. next, she carefully strung everything together, setting each knot with a bit of E6000. (here at mash, we like to set EVERYTHING with E6000. it’s one of the greatest inventions in the world, mark my word!)

then? TA-DAAAA! time to sit back and enjoy the pretty hangy thing! (take that, naughty squirrels!)

(don’t know what a fab fob is? it’s the essentially useless, multi-functional piece of pretty that you can do anything with! make a necklace! a key ring! a gift topper! a hangy thing! a ferret toy! the possibilities are as endless as they are useless. pick one up today and let us know how you use it!)