the grass is greener

the grass is greener

so there are a few items i am pretty excited to talk about when it comes to catching up the blog since the baby hiatus. funnily enough they are all related: investing a stupid amount of time researching to make really big (for us) purchases online, sight-unseen. it all started innocently enough: we wanted to replace my beloved love seat with an actual “family” sofa. why call it a “family” sofa? because its job is to fit an entire snuggling family. that is going to be a post for another day (we are going to work backwards in time a little bit, so stay with me!).

one night, during a fit of pregnancy induced insomnia, i started rug shopping online. i had a couple of goals in mind, the dining area needed some pattern in a bad bad way, and i wanted to dabble a bit in the arena of runners. (are runners like earrings? like how some girls are earring girls and some girls aren’t? are there “runner people”?) surely so, and just like i want to be an earring girl, i want to be a runner girl. sadly, i am neither. this story isn’t about dining room rugs or runners, though (that is coming at a later date, when we discuss adding a rug under the table right before a kid starts on solids and why that isn’t the best idea).

this post is about grass. grass that i wanted really really badly in our living room. we needed a sizable rug (9×11 or larger) to fill the space, soften the floor for play areas, and anchor the room. looking around, my two favorite things in that space of the house are the house plants that are taking over and creating a mini-jungle and the giant picture window that overlooks the property (which, totally unrelated, was the play space for a family of 4 deer the other day…WHA?!?!? i mean, i’m just assuming they were family. they could have been pals.) back to to point (is there one?) so i love all the green space. i love how it makes all the wood tones come alive. i love how it feels like inside is outside and outside is inside. so naturally i start daydreaming about laying sod in the living room. and through the magic and joy that is google image, i come across this little honey:

i know. take a minute. dream about being that foot. it’s from dhesja, from several years ago, and i had the hardest hardest time finding a distributor in the US (my heart feeling a little heavy every time i couldn’t turn one up, thinking this might be way out of the budget anyhow.)

but, a girl can dream, and dream i did. i spent evenings before bed looking for the very best artificial grass rug. the color had to be perfect (more yellow than brown, but mostly a really rich green), the fibers long (but not too thin), and not too matte…the grass didn’t need to be dewey, but something with some vibrancy behind it would be alright with me. since we are entering into the kid portion of our lives, i did consider keeping what is essentially a shag rug clean, so in addition to all the checkmarks above, i would need to be able to easily clean it (though my type A-ness around the house matched with a heavy thought that meals should be taken at the table made that seem like not such a big deal.)

beej began to take notice as i filled tabs on my laptop with rugs from every site, poring over reviews, materials, dimensions. emailing for sample fibers (which are pretty much impossible to get). shopping for something so specific online is difficult. something that is very clearly avocado green on one site will appear lime on another. i started to hatch a plan. after finding a few options on overstock, of all places, i contacted them about their return policy. it was reasonable, so i thought about ordering 2 of these 3, and returning the one i liked least:

by the time i had it narrowed down, weeks of hemming and hawing had passed, and the middle option sold out. rats! i was leaning toward the bottom option because it had a really interesting mix of fibers (like a mix of felt and netting and wool and all kinds of other stuff!), but then my birthday rolled around (you might think it was my 76th birthday, with how long it’s taking to tell this story!). beej said “hey, pick a rug and i’ll get it!” can you believe it? eeee! out the window was the idea of ordering both, because i waited so freaking long that the bottom one sold out. so guess what?


we bought a rug! and she’s so beautiful.

just for funsies, here’s a before shot:

coming up soon:

  • having a couch made. online. sight unseen.
  • purchasing too many rugs online because you have crazy pregnancy hormones (and then you put one of those rugs under your dining room table right before the baby starts on solids because you think said baby will be the only one in the world to learn proper table manners by month 10 and you might be delusional)
  • mash at home: love you and cutting boards