the great barn door roundup

the great barn door roundup

projects at the long house have been really slow moving since the baby came along, but a year into it, we are ready to tackle something new. the bathroom in the basement has been totally torn out, from the studs to the toilet, and it will be shifting over to the other side of the room to create a little more headspace for a shower. our guest room is in the basement, so the idea is that guests can keep everything on one floor, have plenty of privacy, and not have to maneuver around a menagerie of bath toys. we’re setting a budget on this one, reusing as many materials left over on previous projects as possible, which i think makes for a really great “problem”, if you will, that we get to solve. how will a pile of mixed tiles, a medicine cabinet pulled out from the old bathroom, and a sconce saved from the remodel a few years ago work together? i can’t wait to play around and find out.

to start the project, we will have a long blank wall with the doorway staring at us when we enter the space (which is currently part of the laundry room). we’re putting a sliding door on it, so the door will double as a sort of art piece on a big naked wall. i’ve been collecting images and materials specs, and am here to tell you, that much like everything else in life, you can spend as little or as much as you can muster to make a project like this happen. on the low end, double digits is all it would take to make this happen. want to be fancy nancy and have some beautiful industrial hardware? that’ll set you back a few benjamins, and as much as i would love it, i mentioned earlier we’re sticking to a budget here, so we’ll leave the fancy nancy hardware to the fancy nancys.

check out a collection of approaches folks have taken. i like seeing these together because it shows low end, high end, and everything in between.


clockwise from the left is the plumbing pipe and eye hook version (found here). i appreciate the ingenuity here, but it feels a little light to me, i don’t imagine it holding up to nephew abuse for too long. up top is a total DIY version done really nicely (found here) that is an option (i am drawn to putting in some muscle and elbow grease to keep costs low). next, on the right, is something similar (found here). another great DIY for not a lot of coin. finally, the green door (found here), using the fancy hardware, but with stunning results (and that paint job? is that for real?!)

the great hardware debate is up next. home depot offers very different options. above, the $53 option look a little…weak? the $300 option looks solid, but that money could go towards a toilet, sink, backerboard…stay tuned to see where we end up with this.